Whatsapp Introducing Group Video Chat

Last week I heard rumors about WhatsApp going to introduce group video chat. The rumors we heard are true.

The most and efficient leading mobile messages app, whatsapp last week has announced the introduction of group video chat on his whatsapp app. This absolutely means is possibly to chat with up to for friends on whatsapp which is cool right?

Whatsapp group video chat

One of the most important feature on whatsapp is making a voice and video calls, whatsapp users spend over 1.5 billion minutes on calls every day. People and users are excited to announce that group calls for voice and video is coming to your door.

The new whatsapp group video and voice calls enables you to make group calls with up to 4 people total anytime anywhere. It is easy to start with just one-on-one voice or video calls and tap the “new” to add participant.Whatsapp group video chat

The new whatsapp group video call was designed for calling and to work reliably around the world in different network conditions. The new whatsapp group feature is currently out on the iphone and Android version of your whatsapp app,  you just need to update whatsapp on your google playstore.

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This is a very interesting news for someone who likes  a lot of video calls and voice calls,  you can now call 4 of your friends all at once instead of time waiting.

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