Unlimited browsing cheat

Unlimited browsing cheat Using Glo Anonytun App

Anonytun Unlimited Browsing Cheat

Unlimited browsing cheat

Are you looking for a secure way to freely browse website on the internet? Well Anonytun is only solution as it delivers high speed connection on Glo unlimited browsing cheat network.  This Anonytun provide secure connection to bypass the anonymously network restrictions. It helps you to access any website or app with no limit or network restriction.

Anonytun comes with neat design and interface is so friendly that you just need to press connect button to access the secure connect after the necessary settings.

How Does Anonytun Works On Unlimited Browsing Cheat.

Unlimited browsing cheat

There are so many unlimited browsing cheat app on Google Playstore which we called the VPN. We decided Anonytun because:
1. It’s completely free you don’t need to register to get most eligible network.

2. The Anonytun app is reliable it uses multiple proxy server you won’t to bother youself for connection lost.

3. You won’t notice any speed differences and it’s very fast.

4. The App is unlimited and there is no limit on bandwidth usage.

5. Simple setup and single connect button.

Main feature of anonytun on unlimited browsing cheat

Unlimited browsing cheat

• No registration needed

• No root required on your device.

• Fast, free and secure.

• Bypass any network restrictions.

• It’s free

How Does Anonytun works On Unlimited Browsing Cheat

Unlimited browsing cheat

Anonytun is very fast on Glo network when it comes to internet browsing, it’s very steady and reliable. This fast latest free Glo browsing cheat with help of Anonytun works with IP Address in which it will be inserted to the app to help the network to work efficiently.

To use this free Glo browsing cheat for android you need to set up glo 3g setting on your phone by setting the APN (Access Point Name) under the network setting of your android phone.

Download the Anonytun App for Free on Google Playstore. You can get it below the article.

How To Setup Glo Unlimited browsing cheat.

Unlimited browsing cheat

on your mobile device
• Go to yor phone setting
• Tap on mobile network
• Tap on access point (APN)
• Tap on Glo and input below setting
Name: Freemobiletips
APN: gloflat or use 176.90.6868.67:4430@_ulta
Username: flat
Password: flat
Then tap on save.

Anonytun setup for unlimited browsing cheat.

Unlimited browsing cheat

Once you’ve done with above phone setup open the anonytun app downloaded if you don’t have the app click here.

• Open the downloaded Anonytun App

• Tap on stealth setting at the top right corner.

• Toggle on stealth Tunnel ON/OFF.

Unlimited browsing cheat

• Change the connection protocol to HTTP.

• Change the connection port to 8080

• Switch ON the custom headers TCP/HTTP.

Anonytun free Glo browsing cheat

• Click on the edit custom headers

• Change the Url/Host to 10.105.72:3

• Change request method to Post.

• Leave the the Injection method to normal.

• Go to extra headers and tick: Online Host, Keep alive and User Agent.

• Click on generate then validate and save settings

• Close the entire App.

• Re-open the App and tap connect.

Note: make sure you have your data on before connecting the Anonytun App.


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