Unlimited Browsing cheat

Unlimited Browsing cheat using Glo Sky VPN

Unlimited Browsing cheat using Glo Sky VPN

We have posted unlimited browsing cheat using glo but we had more complain that the network on glo is unstable and the anonytun von is connecting and disconnectingat the same time. Though glo network is unstable and very poor in some geographical zone.

Are you looking for a Glo cheat? Are you tired of subscribing every month? There’s another alternative to this Glo unlimited browsing cheat well I can say the Glo is currently working on Uc mini handler and anonytun which I have posted before.

As we all know that Glo is very slow in some part of the country and some of the vpn like anonytun and Uc mini handler we suggested to bring a reliable and undisconnecting VPN which is called SKY VPN.

Unlimited Browsing Cheat Details About Sky VPN

Unlimited Browsing cheat

Sky VPN is an Unlimited Browsing cheat VPN proxy server that gives you access to unblock sites and bypass scool WiFi restriction also to protect online browsing privacy.

One most important thing about this unlimited browsing cheat vpn is that it’s free and is connecting faster than the anonytun.

The Sky VPN does not require any settling I mean it doesn’t require any mobile configuration or app configuration.

The Sky VPN bypass any add block.


The unlimited browsing cheat sky vpn is capped at some daily amount of megabytes which I think will be enough for you to read my article and visit my website freemobiletips.com also enough for you to download and read a whatapp or Facebook messages or visit instagram pages if you wish.

You can browse freely if you are in premium usage but if you are not on the premium usage you will be capped in 70 to 100 megabytes a day. So below am going to direct you how to set up the unlimited browsing cheat sky vpn.

Unlimited Browsing Cheat Sky VPN Settings

Unlimited Browsing Cheat

As said previously, the Unlimited Browsing Cheat does not need any special settings or special  mobile configuration all you need to do is to download the vpn from Google play store or click here if you don’t have it installed. The vpn is good for both 3G/4G networks.

When finishing downloading the app, open it then click on the menu at the top left corner.

Now click on the Daily Check in to get your daily data if you have luck you might receive 70 or 100 megabytes you can tap I am feeying lucky to get extra 25 megabytes.

Go back to the vpn app main page and tap on premium button. click on upgrade and choose united state as your unlimited browsing region.

Unlimited Browsing Cheat

When you choose you region the connect button will turn to yellow and finally tap on the connect button and start chatting. Note: you have to wait until it connect before browsing and make sure you on connection before setting up the vpn. Am sure you won’t see or come ad cross any form of disconnection.

Unlimited Browsing Cheat


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