Top Ten 2018 Best Android 3D Wallpapers That Will Blast Your Mind And How To Transfer Pc Downloaded Wallpapers To Your Android

Android 3D wallpapers are one of the features that really make your mobile phone come alive. Below are the 2018 listed android 3D wallpapers that make your mobile phone look amazing. Let me quickly run through the amazing android 3D wallpapers that that will make your mobile phone booming.


  1. Mixed Paint
  2. Fast And Furious
  3. My Precious (Lord Of The Ring)
  4. Loud Head Phone
  5. Check Mate (Chess)
  6. PokeBall
  7. Turtle
  8. Robot
  9. Emoji Live
  10. Art Mansion

Quick Review of Android 3D Wallpapers for Your Mobile Phone

Mixed Paint: Believe me the splashed colors makes your mobile phone look great. The different colors of the wallpapers make your phone looks real just download it and try it.

Fast And Furious: Love the movie and the wallpapers made from the movie. The 3D wallpapers look cool which makes your mobile phone look amazing. How cool the 3D wallpapers is? It looks so real how someone customizes such wallpapers.

My Precious (Lord of the Ring): The wallpapers look precious. What do you love better than to keep your precious by your side? This wallpaper looks amazing on my Mobile phone.

Loud Head Phone: The head phone android 3D wallpapers makes your mobile look like you are expressing your inner nerd, what great wallpaper.

Check Mate (Chess): Rich and fancy Game of Chess. This 3D wallpapersis great it makes the mobile phone look great with great king and smooth 3D wallpapers.

Pokeball: Pokeball 3D wallpapers really look alive with different colors makes your mobile phone pokes.

Turtle: This is my favorite android 3D wallpapers it look real and makes my mobile phone come alive. Sometime we are too fast because we want to rush success. People move at their own pace. This turtle 3D wallpaper reminds me that slow and steady wins the success.

Robot: second human being wallpapers look amazing just like a baby sitting on the floor waiting for his meal lol. The lovely robot with his big eyes that makes your mobile device looks great.

Emoji: Are you the person that don’t text message without inserting emoji? This wallpaper with different Emoji look great and flashy.

Art Mansion: This 3D wallpaper is for those that love art work. This wallpapers look amazing on your mobile device.


We all know different pc wallpapers that look great because it has a lot of design. How can we transfer the pc wallpapers to our android phone, is very easy to do if you follow the simple steps below. With the help of TunesGo software you can transfer your downloaded pc wallpapers to your android mobile phone.

TunesGo pc software allows you to transfer any file such as music, pictures, videos etc to your android phone. It also allows copying any file from your mobile phone to your computer.  

Quick review on TunesGo wondershare software –Android transfer

  • TunesGo allow you to transfer music, wallpapers, contact, videos, images etc directly to your mobile phone.

  • It allows you to transfer from iTune to computerand tou your android phone.

  • TunesGo allow you to make photo, video from android phone or computer to GIF

  • TunesGo allow you to delete any file from your pc and your android phone.

  • Easy to connect with any android phone from smaller android to the latest android.

  • Play music and video from the TunesGo background

Step-By-Step to transfer wallpapers pc downloaded wallpapers to your android mobile device.

  • Open your browser on your pc and search for (download TunesGo software).

  • Download the software and install it.

  • Connect your mobile phone using your mobile cable (USB Cable).

  • Transfer any downloaded wallpaper from your pc to your mobile device.

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