A good audio system is essential when it
comes to fully experiencing music, movies,
and games on a PC. The speakers that
come bundled with off-the-shelf systems
rarely cut it, that’s why we’ve done the
dirty work of researching a wide range of
PC speaker offerings to bring you the best
There are several factors that come into
play for finding the right set, such as
footprint, controls, features, budget, and of
course, sound quality. We’ve broken things
down into three major categories that
should cover most: best studio speakers,
best 2.1 speakers and best budget.
Note that each category includes really
great alternatives for different tastes and
budgets — or if you want fancy-looking
speakers that also sound great, see the
honorable mentions at the bottom of the
Finally… if headphones are more your
thing, don’t forget we’ve got you covered
there, too.

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