Step By Step To Watch Free Youtube Online Video On Mtn


Simple Steps To Watch Free Online Video Using Mtn Sim

Complement of the season. Is being long i posted on Network in Nigeria Because all the Network Data for this year have been favorable. This Article Is about MTN free Youtube Streaming. Thank God for this little Night plan introduced by MTN makes me to stream youtube video online and also download videos i love.

How To Watch Free Youtube Online Video On Mtn Step By Step

For this post am going to show you how to watch online youtube video for free using your MTN night plan. For so long we have not experienced anything free from MTN is my pleasure to share with on how i managed using my night plan To Watch Free Youtube Online Video On my MTN.
Many of us will not find it cool because this stuff works at night but for the youtube lovers is going to be fun.

But the issue is you have to subscribe to MTN night plan  To Watch Free Youtube Online Video. To subscribe MTN night plan is very easy and i believe some of you would have idea about the MTN night Plan. The Plan goes for N25 for 500mb from 12am to 4am.

The youtube free Streaming is very tricky and very easy tips also. What you need to do is to subscribe your MTN line for Night Plan and make use of the night plan quickly by downloading videos or streaming live videos just make sure you exhaust the night plan after you subscribed.

To watch this video you need to download youtube go app below is the youtube go App for download.


After downloading the go app then subscribed the night plan and make use of the 500mb immediately before 4am.

NOTE: Do not open the youtube go app when your night plan is not exhausted and do not switch off your network data on your mobile phone after exhausting the night plan.

Wait after 1-2 minutes to start Watch Free Youtube Online Video, you can start to watch online video from 12am to 4am for free and also download the video on youtube download.

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If you are not in MTN pulse you can’t subscribe to the night plan. You have to migrate to MTN Pulse to migrate to MTN Pulse dial *406# to check you current Plan dial *123#. Remember MTN Pulse gives you 10mb after recharging N100.

  • Make sure you don’t have less than N25 
  • Send Night Plan to 131 via message
  • Or dial *406*4# and follow the procedure 

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