Samsung to release new galaxy note

Samsung to release New Galaxy Note 9.

The all expected unit from Samsung trending with the likes of the Galaxy s9 and galaxy S9+ already being exhibited and sold in the mobile phone market is the Galaxy Note 9. There is no much information on the features of the phone. 
It’s already known that it would be coming alongside the in-house Bixby Assistant developed by Samsung.
The assistant on this unit will be the improved version – v2.0. Samsung claimed that the  new galaxy note Bixby will surely be better than previous one. The new  galaxy note version provides some new features as;
·         Supports for the assistant to hear you even in crowded spaces
·         It has improved capabilities for natural language and
·         Faster response to queries thrown at it.

Samsung knows that there are some changes needed to be made. Some of such are the expansion of the Assistant unit to about 1000 employees. Not to mention the possible mergers and acquisitions that could be because of this news.


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