What can we do if our phone battery always runs down? In this modern world each smartphone companies increasing their battery size each year on their new smartphone. Some companies do leave and maintain their battery capacity while some do increase their battery capacity.

Samsung is being at fault of it this year and last year. Let’s look at this way, the Galaxy S8+ has a smaller battery compare to Galaxy S7 and it has different in battery capacity. The Galaxy S7 is even higher than the Galaxy Note 8 and the unfortunate Galaxy Note 7.
Samsung Galaxy S6 that was manufactured in 2015 has 2,550 mAh battery considerable 350 mAh less than the Galaxy S5.

Samsung S9 to Run 3,200 mAh 2018.

No way is Samsung Galaxy s9 going to be different from Samsung galaxy s8, I mean the flagship of galaxy s8 but the Samsung galaxy s9 freshly review of the device suggest that the smartphone is going to be thicker and have more space for larger battery. Rumor about Galaxy s9 that the s9 battery capacity will be higher than the Galaxy s8.

   The rumor came from source that works in the company and he is a Chinese man who reportedly leaks the news this week. The same source also said the s9 will support quick charge 3.0 which am not surprised.

We believe the new Samsung S9 is going to be unveiled next year February and the Galaxy s9+ will be announced the following month. These device will be available in Nigeria 2 months after its released and will be unveiled by the popular Nigria musician and Samsung Ambassador Banky W.

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