Quick Review Of The New Itel P32 SmartPhone.

ITEL has update its new Android Smartphone last week which was launch in Lagos state Nigeria. This year Itel has produce two Fingerprint phones the first was Itel S32 which has a strong battery life and now Itel P32 series with 4000 mAh battery capacity which is good for normal android users.


Itel mobile Storms the Nigeria market with a big bang through its highly reliable and efficient and also affordable devices, Itel smartphone came with amazing feature and great specs.

 The Itel P32 has flat body just like the other Itel S32 series we posted before. The phone came with HD+ display and smart aspect ratio.

The Itel P32 processor is the same just as the Itel S32, the power house which is the battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Itel made the P32 smartphone to be great in power consumption.

 The itel P32 is powered by ANDROIDTM Oreo (Go edition). The device run Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor for easy multitasking.

The Itel P32 came with lovely storage of  16GB ROM. The phone has 1GB RAM the smartphone has an external memory that can be extended to 64GB.

Lets see the camera feature: The Itel P32 has 8MP front camera with white flash LED light and the back camera with 16MP.  The Itel P32 comes with 5.5 -inch IPS with full screen display.

 The itel P32 smart phone is available at all retail store both online and offline respectively.

For more information click www.itel-mobile.com.


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