Quick Review of 5 Whatsapp Privacy Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know


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Time has come that SMS was once the most used way to send text messages to users. But now without whatsapp I think we can use SMS as the second option. I believe now Whatsapp has taken control over SMS text message. The wonderful app is easy to contact to someone even my grandmother uses Whatsapp instead of text message Lol why because the price per MESSAGE is N0.0 it makes much easier than SMSes text messages.

If you use whatsapp app you might love to know some tips and tricks about the app. For those who don’t have idea of whatsapp tips below are some privacy tips you would love to use while chatting on whatsapp.

  1. Hide Whatsapp from App Drawer
  2. Stop Sending Read receipts
  3. Stop Whatsapp photos in Gallery
  4. Lock whatsapp using a pattern or password
  5. Hide last seen from others

#1 Hide Whatsapp from App Drawer

If you don’t want anyone to read your whatsapp or penetrate your whatsapp, a better way to do it is to hide the whatsapp icon completely by using app drawer of your android mobile phone.
If you don’t have app drawer on your phone you can install custom launcher from Google Play Store. The best custom app I have ever used for my android mobile phone are Apex Launcher, Smart Launcher, Evie Launcher or ASAP Launcher. These launchers are the best I have used to hide my applications.

#2 Stop Sending Read receipts

Whatsapp recent updates, you can see double thick blue line mark in your message you send. This mean the message sent have been seen by your contact. In some cases it won’t display as such for others. Now if you don’t want other people to know that you have seen or read their sent message you can turn off these Read receipt too.

To turn off these receipt too below are the steps on how to turn it off.

  • Go to whatsapp settings
  • Click on Account
  • Select Privacy
  • Check off the Read Receipts under the message section

Note this won’t work on whatsapp group

#3 Stop whatsapp photos from appearing in Gallery

This post is to show how you can stop your whatsapp pictures appearing in your gallery. In our last post we discuss on how to stop automatic download on Whatsapp. Before I start, to do these settings on your mobile required to steps. If you are on iOS you can do it in simple way. However if you are using android mobile device it requires some certain steps and is a bit complicated than iOS.


  • Open your whatsapp app
  • Go to settings
  • Click on privacy
  • Select photos
  • Deselect Whatsapp from the list of apps whose images are saved into the Gallery.


For android users you need a file manager which I know most android mobile phone has but if your android mobile phone doesn’t have the file manager , download ES file manager from Google Play Store.

Steps to follow
  • Open the file manager from your mobile phone
  • Click on your internal storage
  • Click on whatsapp file
  • Click on media
  • Click on whatsApp Images or whatsapp video folder

Then create a new file within each folder of image and videos rename the new folder ‘.nomedia’.  This will stop Scanning the Android whatsapp image or video folder and it will stop displaying pictures or image on your Gallery. 

#4 Lock whatsapp using a pattern or password

Probably you can do this by downloading the app lock from Google Play Store. Whatsapp doesn’t have any built in app that can lock the whatsapp app. Is quite easy getting it on your android mobile phone?. The entire android device has this built in option to lock your mobile phone with pattern, Pin or Password.

#5 Hide last seen from others

Another tips or a trick from your whatsapp settings is how to hide last seen from others. Other contact on your whatsapp can see the last time you came online. Now if you don’t want them to know you can easily turn it off.

Note: If you stop any one from seen the last time you came online, you won’t be able to see anyone last seen too.

To hide last seen on your whatsapp on Android or iOS do the following below.
  • Open your whatsapp.
  • Go to settings
  • Click on account
  • Select Privacy
  • Select last seen and choose nobody 
Below is a video that will help you.

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