Pay with Master pass QR using your bank app.

Pay with Masterpass Q/R code using your bank app so you can shop the smart, secure and easy way.

Mastercard is here again with another smart way of shopping called master pass. When you feel holding money is not secured anymore don’t worry master pass is a gate way for easy access of your money.
Steps to use master card master pass using Q/R code.
  •  First your atm card should be registered under Mastercard Marchant.
  •  Download your bank app from Google play store.
  •  Enter all your bank details and choose your atm card type.
  •  Go to any shopping mall of your choice purchase anything you desire.
  •  When you want to pay just open your bank app then scan the code from the shopping mall master pass Q/R code immediately the Amount spent on the shopping will be deducted immediately very easy and simple.

NOTE: Not yet in Nigeria coming soon

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