MTN 4G Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For The Year 2018.

 Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For The Year 2018.


Hey long time we post on any network cheat right? you cant believe it something new has happen this month after long time drabness on free browsing cheat. We have new MTN cheat for you guys.

lets dig it in am going to show how to use MTN free browsing without any data or money for the year 2018. Kindly follow my simple steps below please do not skip any steps is very important.



  • MTN 4G Sim without money or any active data.
  • Android phone 
  • Psiphon Pro Lite VPN

Firstly you need to download Psiphon Lite VPN.

Click on freemobiletips to download the Psiphon Pro Lite VPN.

Leave your Mtn data ON don’t change anything from your MTN APN settings. 

Now go to your app and launch your Psiphon Lite VPN and follow the steps below.


Proxy Type: Dual Real Host

Real Proxy Port: 80

Real Proxy Server: Leave it blank

Real Proxy Type: Default

Proxy Server:

Lastly Click Save

Go to Options and select USA as country region and theb navigate to more options and set it like this:

  • Tick connect through HTTP
  • Also tick (use the following setting)
  • Host address:
  • Port: 8080

Go back and Press connect and wait after 3 minute it will connect.

NOTE: Do not skip any steps if it did not work just place your comment on the comment box below and lay your complain.

Do not read alone please do share this post and comment on it thanks.


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