Is It Advisable To Use Debit Card For Shopping Online


Most probably shop online well it is great to do so because there are discount and lot of option of choosing wide series of products. There are lots of times to compare goods or products and there is ease of getting the good delivered to you. Came to reason it how do you make your payment online? Do you shop online? Do you make payment online? What type if cards do you use for making online payment? What type of Nigeria online platforms are you using?  because most Nigerian online shopping like jumia, konga, jiji etc stop accepting cash on delivery you have to pay with your ATM card before your goods is delivered to you. Do you use your debit card or credit card to make the payment? If it is debit card I think you better stop it now.

To my own reason I think you should better stop it, never use debit card to make any online payment it is not safe. Am not saying you shouldn’t purchase online it  is 100% safe, it is actually safer than the regular offline payment that you make. But it is not good to make the payment using your debit card. I think you should have plannings for your debit card, For you to stop using debit card it can stop you from getting heart burn in case if something went wrong and things can always go wrong at any time.

In my article I gave two good reasons why you should stop using your debit card from shopping online or if you are using your debit card to shop in plazas. Below are the reasons.


Two of your cards (credit and debit card) allow you to make online shopping but there’s a large difference between the cards. The credit card has a boundary  on how much you can spend your cash. The debit card does not come with such. If you have money in the bank you can spend all using debit card.

If your debit card is used in different shopping platforms or different plazas? I think you should always worry about online fraud because it happens. You can eventually lose all your money you have in your bank account single penny will not be left. In other word if it eventually happened to your credit card all you need to lose is your credit card not your money.


When spending your money using credit card that means you have spend your bank’s money, after you have purchase online it became your liability means you have to pay. So there must be other fees or interests that your bank may charge you. This is because of fraud and it sort of protection against fraudsters.

Even if your credit card is used without your permission it is the responsibility of your bank to handle and avoid the fraudsters not your hand work. If you eventually miss used your card you can always table your complain to the bank how it is a case of fraud that you are not the one miss using the card. The bank is going to lay an investigation on the transactions and if they found out that you are speaking the truth, they will not charge you for the transaction that you do not know.

On the other hand in case the debit card is fraud  you can also lay your complain to the bank about the miss use of your debit card and it is possible that your money will be returned but it will take some time. The differences between the misuse of the credit card and the debit card is that both card will lose its money before returned that’s if the bank found your claim is true then the money is going to be returned to you. While in the other hand which is in the case of the credit card you won’t lose your money except your bank later find out that your claim is not true then the bank will charge you which again is something you can argue if you know your right.

In conclusion you can spend money using your debit card, you can also lose cash easily. Your money can be deducted fast from your bank account. The credit card is big different from the debit card, you can also spend money using your credit card but there is a limit and big gap between the the transaction when you want to pay the money.

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