How To Watch Youtube Video On Your Phone

One of the most important thing to know is about youtube background video. That’s why on this platform i’m to teach you on how to watch youtube video on your mobile phone background. You know.

Watching video while doing other stuff? Now there are many ways to do this, my best browser is chrome to use Google Chrome is the best, bet me i can use  Google chrome to do many stuff while still watching Youtube video on background. 

We found better way to go about this since 2015 and it has change our Youtube experience since then so i decided to share the experience with you guys please do not read alone do share the post after reading.

How to watch youtube video on Your mobile background while browsing.

  • Open Your YouTube
  • Long Press on the recent app button to luanch multi-window
  • Press the home button to make the video play in the background
If the following above steps did not work i think the second steps will surely help.

SECOND STEPS (How to watch youtube video on Your mobile background while browsing).

  • Firstly Go To Google App Store 
  • Download Flytube
  • Open it and start using it 

How To use FlyTube app.

Firstly Go To Google App Store
Download Flytube

Sign in for subscription and playlist

click video o open floating player.

 powerful floating with man options like:
  • Movable 
  • Pulse/play
  • Enlarge
  • Open in YouTube
  • Share etc.
Video keeps playing while existing

Ultimate multi-tasking.


  • Start video when loaded 
  • Pin floating video to screen edge 
  • Resize able 
  • Change theme color.

The above App allow you to float any video on YouTube so you can watch any favorite video on YouTube. The best part of FlyTube is the way i can loop any YouTube video. 


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