How To Use Google Voice Recognition To Chat On Whatsapp

Google voice detection or voice recognition or voice search is google products that allow you to search any word from Google with your voice by speaking to your mobile phone instead of typing with your fingers.

2012 Google introduce voice detection for android phone which featured voice search function this mean you can search on Google by speaking. For example if I want to search “the best mobile phone of 2017” I can use my voice detection on my mobile phone and search it.
Most people would have known about the Google voice detection. This article is not about the voice search.  Actually I stopped using my fingers to typed whenever am online not only searching and chatting on…………………………whatsapp.
Many people will be wondering how!!! Yes is easy and simple to get. Like how? The first mobile phone I have seen with voice chat was iPhone product. Many people that have Android today don’t know about Google voice chat.  


Many upgraded android version has an upgraded app. Such as Google, each Android mobile phone has Google Voice recognition app. If your phone doesn’t come with Google voice detection you can easily visit your Google Playstore to download it.
Google voice chat  allow you to chat by speaking without stressing your fingers.

Google voice chat allows you to chat with language of your choice but not all languages.

Google voice chat has a voice command also which allow you to command your mobile phone.
Google voice chat allow you to use offline speech recognition  
Google voice chat allows you to download any language of your choice

 How To Use Google Voice Recognition Chat On Whatsapp

Before we jump on the tutorial notice that if you are using Nokia, Blackberry and any other phone that’s not Android you can’t use the voice recognition is for only android users. Make sure you have Google voice recognition app on your mobile phone. The voice recognition is always on androids keyboard. If the voice recognition sign is not on your mobile keyboard you can always visit your Google playstore to download any android keyboard, I use emoji keyboard to me I love that keyboard because of its features. Let’s quickly write how to use Google voice recognition to chat on whatsapp without stressing your fingers.

  • Open your whatsapp app

  • Click on any person you would like to chat with

  • Click your type message box

Your mobile keyboard will pop up and look for the Google voice sign

  • Click on it, in some keyboard like emoji keyboard it mixed with sign you have to press it long to pop out the voice recognition.

Note: make sure your data is switched on before used

  • Tap the middle button to speak.

  • To change the language you will see the setting button then Click on it

  • Click the first option (Language) that pop out. You can change to any language

  • Go back and try to speak.
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