How to Retrieve Your Missed Mobile Notification log On your Phone

as we all know that we have many notifications on our Android phones, some we might not not see due to the clearance of the notification. wish you could undo the clearance but we cannot, some might miss most important notifications but don’t worry am going to show you how to get all your mobile notification back.

In this article am going to show you how to get back your lost or missed notification back. This trick works in any android devices. Every steps is important for this tutoral please do not skip any steps.


Firstly you need to have an android device with any version.
  • Press and hold any empty space in home screen don’t tap it press and hold it until menu home screen pop up.
long press home screen

Click the widget button until the settings displays.

Scroll left and search for the “settings display”

Hold the setting display and drag it to your home screen (empty space)

Click on the setting display
Scroll down Press the notification log

    surely all your lost notifications will display .

    very simple right please do share this to all your social media pals across the world.
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