How To Hide Files On Android Step-By-Step

Learn How to hide pictures, video on your android phone Step-By-Step 

In previous post we discuss how to save whatsapp statues. We then discuss how to make your whatsapp faster and free up your phone storage.

Today I have little article on how to hide pictures, videos file document on your android device without stress. This article is to show you how to hide unwanted pictures or videos on your android phone.

 Many people are not familiar with this little article I wrote. Most people uses app lock to hide their pictures or videos.

People don’t like others to see their unwanted videos or pictures on their phone due to personal information. I came across it one day as I was doing research on my phone I decided to copy my pictures and my videos and other files from my memory card to my phone storage, suddenly I did not see my videos and my pictures, it was hidden in my phone storage.

 I decide to share with you guys instead of app locking your pictures or videos you can use my simple steps below to hide your videos or pictures on your android phone. For those that have unwanted pictures or secret videos am going to show how to hide unwanted pictures or video step-by-step.


STEP 1. Go to your file manager and locate your videos or pictures you wanted to hide>>>>>>select the pictures or videos you wanted to hide>>>>>>>Click on cut or move files.

STEP2. Click on your menu button on your phone.

STEP3. Click on show hiding files. You will see  unfamiliar files on your phone that differ from your main file (the files are faded).

STEP4. Click on any of the hiding files(faded files) and create file and paste your picture or video on it.

STEP5. Click on your menu button again on your phone and press hide files.

STEP6. Go to your image you will never see your pictures or videos on your phone.

REMEMBER you can always go back and copy your hiding files to you main file 

If the steps is not clearly understood you can watch the video below

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