How To Browse With Glo and Etisalat Without Bundle or Money Using Stark VPN

I have being researching on how go browse with my phone without data thank God I found one I will show you how to browse with glo and etisalat with 0.0kb or 0mb.

An Etisalat sim with 0.00 balance and no
data – this means that you must have
no active data plan or credit on your
Etisalat line (its optional though).
Strong 3G network – very important
because with this, it would be hard for
it to disconnect.
Your Android phone with Stark VPN
Use default Etisalat APN settings
Follow the steps below to setup up this
Etisalat free browsing using Stark
1. Download the vpn from Google playstore

2. After Downloading, Launch your
Stark VPN

3. From the tweaks list, select Etisalat

4. Now Click Connect

Thats All.
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