Smart speakers are hot nowadays they different hot speaker checkout this one below.

The way Apple is positioning Homepod is simple. They are positioning it as a speaker that is brilliant at playing music. It has the hardware and designed tuned to pump out good sound that will possibly make the music sound clear and nice. The smart functionality is just an add on. And the Apple executives talked about the fact that HomePod is powered Siri, the company’s virtual assistant, almost like an afterthought.
So, the HomePod will tell you the weather or read the news of the day. It will tell you the joke because Siri is inside it. It will talk to you about the latest movies or tell you the distance between earth and moon if you ask it. But that is not the primary responsibility of the HomePod. The primary work for the HomePod, as Apple says, is playing music in a way that is better than how others do it.
http://indiatoday.intoday.in/technology/story/homepod-is-speaker-first-and-smart-later-this-may-help-it-beat-google-home-amazon-alexa/1/973493.html   To play this music well, the HomePad has the hardware that other smart speakers like Google Home or Alexa lack. On both the Home and Alexa, music sounds terrible. There is no bass. There is no soundstage. The highs don’t go high enough. The lows don’t get registered. The mids sound muffled. These speakers don’t have any depth to them when it comes to music playback. They are designed to read news or tell you the weather, or to make calls. They are not the kind of speakers on which you can play Symphony No 9 and experience your heart fill with joy.

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