Hold the phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 dubbed most fragile handset ever

With so much glass covering Samsung’s
sleek new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets, it
perhaps comes as no surprise that they’d be
quite fragile. What you may not have been
expecting, however, is for the devices to be
described as more fragile than any other
flagship phone on the market.
A recent video posted by extended-warranty
service provider SquareTrade has put both
the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus through
a series of durability tests, and the results
are, well, shattering.
The tests revealed that neither the fronts,
backs or corners of each phone managed to
come away unscathed from a six-foot drop to
the pavement. Both handsets suffered loose
glass, spiderwebbing and starburst-shaped
cracks in several areas.
Commenting on the results, SquareTrade
stated that the “S8 is the first phone we’ve
tested that’s cracked on the first drop on ALL
Described as being of ‘medium-high risk’, the
Galaxy S8 earned a ‘breakability’ score of
76/100, while the S8 Plus earned a score of
77/100. By comparison, SquareTrade gave
the iPhone 7 a score of 5/10 while the
explosive Galaxy Note 7 scored a 6.5/10.
According to Motherboard , mobile phone
repair companies are anticipating many
Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus repairs in the near
future, with Fruit Fixed repair shop owner
Justin Carroll predicting “it’s definitely going
to break, no question about that.”
Thankfully, it appears that repairs should be
relatively inexpensive. Motherboard has
reported that the price of a replacement S8
screen is currently “between $50 and $100
cheaper than Galaxy S7 screens were at
According to Kev Notton, founder of
RepairMapr, the cost is “low for an OLED
panel in a new flagship, especially for new
screen tech like the Infinity Display.”

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