Get Nigerian Table Soccer Game On Your Mobile

This Nigerian Game Wants To Help You To Remember Your Past As A Kid 

Cast your mind back in time, do you remember these game called counter game? Where we use bottle’s cover and tape reals to play football on a board or floor. Thanks to technology and mind blowing creative hands the game can be played on our mobile phone. 

Description of Tablesoccer Game and features.

Table soccer is a game you have known right from small as a
 kid. The game is played with Coca-Cola cover and cassette reals.
Thumbs up to the chopup group who created the  wonderful game. The game made me to remember my past as a kid. The game sound drive me crazy it has local music instrument while playing the game. The game is very easy and it has simple graphics.

The funny part is the game came with multi player where you can connect with your friend via Bluetooth and you can play with computer. The game has about three to four teams others can be purchased with your money from Google Play store.

The game difficulty is not that difficult you can change it to Easy, Normal or Hard. The leader board helps you to see the statistics of game played with your friend or computer.

To download the wonderful tablesoccer click here.

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