clone whatsapp (double or triple whatsapp on android phone

This post is very understandable and very short and very simple.

I have been using clonal whatsapp on my phone for the past six month is a very good idea to have clonal whatsap (two or  three whatsapp on your android phone).

 There is app on Google playstore called parallel space app that allowed you to clone your whatsapp in your phone.

With the help of the parallel  space app it will help you to have two or three whatsapp on your android. I know people are wondering how can they clone their whatsapp on their android phone. I have found the perfect solution to do it you need to follows the simple steps below:

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  • Firstly you need to download the parallel space app on Google Playstore.

  • Lunch the app you download from Google playstore

  • Look for the app you want to clone (whatsapp)

  •  now add the app you want to clone two or three times.

  • Within a few seconds it will duplicate your original whatsapp and it will display on your screen.

  • Open the clone app (whatsapp) and create new account.

  • Before you use your second app (whatsapp) make sure you lunch the parallel space app before using the seconcomment

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