Best waterproof phone 2017: get these 8 smartphones wet

The best waterproof phone has become a
necessity in 2017, whether you’re accident
prone or just a bit paranoid. It can put your
mind at ease knowing your expensive new
smartphone can withstand a dunk in the pool
or a spilled drink at the pub.
We’re seeing more water-resistant and
waterproof phones at the flagship level. We
know even have a waterproof iPhone from
Apple. But which ones are the absolute best?
We’ve already covered the 10 best phones
and best unlocked phones, and now it’s time
to tackle the best waterproof smartphones.
Some of our top picks may surprise you.
Waterproof phones are clearly the future, but
a majority of new phones we’ve liked still
don’t offer more than basic splash
protection. The Google Pixel and Google Pixel
XL , for example, are splashproof phones,
which can survive in the rain. But they won’t
be able to escape a dunk in water, so we
won’t include them in this list.
Sure, you can get a waterproof case for your
phone, but they add heft and hide the
gorgeous design of your phone. If you don’t
want to compromise on design, ergonomics
or usability, buying a waterproof smartphone
is your best bet.
Waterproof vs water-resistant
Just a note before we weigh in on the best
waterproof and water-resistant phones. Most
phones on this list can be submerged in
water, but there’s a literal breaking point.
Samsung’s newest phones should survive 1.5
meters down (nearly 5ft) for up to 30
minutes. The new iPhone can do the same to
a depth of 1 meter (3.3ft).
Smartphone waterproofing has its limits.
Your waterproof seal can wear away and
speakers can still sound muffled after
everything dries out. Nothing in life is
guaranteed here, but this is as good as it
gets in the smartphone world.

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