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Are you looking for the cheapest 9Mobile Call Tariff Plans and migration codes in Nigeria for September 2017 and beyond!!!! 

Cheapest 9Mobile Call Tariff Plans And Migration Codes in September 2017
First of all let’s list the Tariff Plans for 9Mobile. 

  1. 9Mobile MoreTalk
  2. 9Mobile MoreCliq
  3. 9Mobile MoreFlex
  4. 9Mobile MoreLife
  5. 9Mobile MoreFlex Evolution
  6. 9mobile TalkZone
  7. 9Mobile CliqLite
  8. 9Mobile MoreCliq Break Free
  9. 9Mobile Super Bonus
  10. 9Mobile More business. 
How to activate the 9Mobile Tariff Plans.
1. 9Mobile MoreTalk


9mobile’s Moretalk tariff plan helps keep friends and families always connected across Nigeria.
This plan was previously called Etisalat EasyStarter before it was changed to 9Mobile MoreTalk .
It’s unique family & friends feature (you & me ) helps you stay in touch with all your loved ones.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re out of airtime, you can still make calls with 9Mobile receiver pays service, as well as great-value rates. Moretalk has no charges or subscription fees.
The Moretalk default tariff drops by half from 40k/sec to 25k/sec to all networks if you use up to ₦25 a day
You stand a chance to enjoy the following benefits when you migrate to this call tariff plan.
You enjoy the “You & me feature” that gives you ₦300 free for a week to call five 9mobile numbers when you recharge ₦200 or you get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week.
You get free weekly browsing (10MB), simply recharge ₦100
You also enjoy the receiver pays service that allows you make calls when you don’t have airtime while your receiver pays for the calls.
How to Migrate To 9Mobile MoreTalk.
Dial 200 and press 1 on a new 9mobile sim or switch from an existing line by dialling
2. 9Mobile MoreCliq
This plan was previously called Etisalat EasyCliq before it was changed to 9Mobile MoreCliq .
Calls made on the MoreCliq tariff plan to all 9Mobile line will be charged at 20k/sec and to other networks will be charged at 40k/sec.
You will also get a benefit of free midnight calls from 12:30 am to 4:30 am and when you use up to ₦25 daily your cliq to cliq call rate would be 15k/sec, to other 9Mobile lines would be 20k/sec, to every other network 30k/sec.
You also get 15MB free data to surf the internet on every ₦200 recharge
How to Migrate To 9Mobile MoreCliq
Dial *244*1#
3. 9Mobile MoreFlex
9Mobile MoreFlex gives you more value for making calls, browsing Pay As You Go and sending SMS to all networks.
This plan was previously called Etisalat EasyFlex before it was changed to 9Mobile MoreFlex .
It is also one of the simplest and best bundle plans you can ever activate whenever you recharge your phone network (9Mobile).
When you recharge N300 Naira , you will be given free 50MB and N900 Naira to call all networks in Nigeria with data. Not only that, it also has many higher bundle plans you can activate easily.
You will get 150% bonus on any purchase of flex 2000 and 5000 bundles.
You will get 300% or more when you buy flex 300, 500 and 1000 bundles.

You will get over 300% when you buy or purchase flex 4000, 10,000 and 20,000 Bundles.

If you buy or purchase 2000 and 5000 flex bundle 2 times one after the other, you will get the third Bundle for free.
If you recharge 5,000 and above, you will get free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries.
UK (Vodafone), US (T-mobile), South Africa (Vodacom), UAE (etisalat), Netherlands (KPN) and Saudi Arabia (Mobily). This service valid for a month ( 30days ).
How to Migrate To 9Mobile MoreFlex
Activation Code
MoreFlex 300
N300 *344*300#
N900 talk time + 50MB
MoreFlex 500
N500 *344*500#
N1,800 talk time + 100M
MoreFlex 1000
N1,000 *344*1000# N3,750
MoreFlex 2000
N2,000 *344*2000# N5,000
MoreFlex 4000
N4,000 *344*4000# N12,500
MoreFlex 5000
N5,000 *344*5000# N12,500
MoreFlex 10000
N10,000 *344*10000# N32,500
MoreFlex 20000
N20,000 *344*20000#

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