9mobile new working cheat on anonytun app 2017


9mobile cheat on anonytun app

Thank God etisalat a.k.a 9monile 60mb is back…. Wow it seems only Glo is working on anonytun but finally it’s to flex etisalat users.
If you can remember this cheat was blocked before, when etisalat upgraded their network and change their name gro m etisalat to 9mobile.
The 9mobile cheat is new because of the changing of URL/HOST settings, of course still work perfectly on anonytun VPN which is the most lovely VPN I have ever used. 

  1. NAME:mrtech or freetechlovers
  2. APN: etisalat
  3. APN TYPES: default
Only this three settings on your APN any other settings should be left as they are and activate it and choose the preferred settings for browsing. 
Click DOWNLOAD if you don’t have the app. Use the anonytun that I suggest here which is version 1.3.
Anonytun VPN Settings For Etisalat a.k.a 9monile Free Browsing. 
  • – lunch the application
        Click continue

  • -click on stealth settings on top right corner.
  • -Turn on the stealth Tunel
  • -Change protocol to HTTP
  • -Change port to 8081

  • -Tick the middle which is custom TCP/HTTP headers
  • -then click the edit TCP/HTTP headers

  • Input the following settings below:

  • -URL/HOST: ent.eu1.nxtfwd.com/s/f/etisalat_ng
  • -Request method: Post

                     -Injection method: Normal

  • -Tick user agent
  • – Tick keep alive and leave other boxes unticked.

  • -Now click generate and validate and click save and save again.
Finally click connect wait a few seconds and anonytun app should connect 
NOTE; make sure your data is ON before connecting the anonytun app.
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