5 Different Android Nougat Problem And Fast solutions

After releasing Android 7.0 Nougat Last Year in the Month of August, now it Google has updated it to 7.1.1 Nougat .Many phone are running the 7.0 OS example of those mobile phones are the Infinix  Hot 4, Hot 5, Tecno Camon cx series, The Spark series, The Phantoms and other valuable products.
There is a problem users are facing that’s why bi wrote this article to help you solve the problem. Since the creation of Nougat Os version several users are facing problems but I didn’t say 7.0 7.1 are not good it got lovely features and they are very useful remember any new thing have some issue that’s why I wrote the article to help you to fix it. I have made a research on the 7.0 and the newly updated 7.1.1 Nougat and found some useful solution to it.
There have several users that are encountering this type of problem on their product. The solution below will help you to fix it.
The Majority Frequent Android Nougat Troubles And Their Fixes:
1.      Speedy & Fast Battery Drain
2.      Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity Issue
3.      Charging Issue
4.      Lagging, Hanging and Performance Issue
5.      Mobile Data Connectivity Issue
Speedy & Fast Battery Drain

• Simply reduces the display brightness and screen lock time.
Turn OFF mobile data, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when not needed and also close unwanted apps running in the background and uninstall unwanted apps that you do not use.

•Check battery saver is enabled on your device or not. If not, then enable it from battery settings menu.

•Check for battery optimization option. Go to Setting > Battery and tap on 3 vertical dots.
This will display the battery optimization option. Now check if any app has opted out of battery saver feature. Tap on 3 dots and select Reset app preference. Hope this might fix the problem for you.
Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connectivity Issue
•Switch OFF your phone and wait for few seconds or 1 minute and then Switch it ON and check if the problem is solved.

•Disables the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and then again enables them and sees if it has fixed the issue.

•When connecting to Wi-Fi, try to forget the network and then reconnect them. Go to Settings> More > Network settings reset > Reset settings. May be this can fix the issue.

• If none of the solutions work for you. Remember factory reset will erase all data from your device hence; before factory reset you must backup & restore everything before performing factory reset. To do factory reset go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and select to erase all data.
Charging Issue
•Make sure you are using the original follow come charger that has came with the device for charging your smart phone. Do not use fake charger or third party charger please.

• If you are charging your device with wall charger, then switch it to USB and charge your phone from computer or laptop.
Unstable or Crashing App

•Uninstalls and re-installs the app which is creating the problem. But before uninstalling the app you must backup the data for that specific app.

•Clear app cache and data of the app creating the issue. May be this can help you to fix the problem. Go to Settings> Apps> Look for the app creating the issue> tap on it. You can see the clear cache and clear data option.

• If above mentioned solution fails then perform factory reset on your device.
Mobile Data Connectivity Issue

 •Switch OFF your phone, wait for few seconds and then switch it ON. You can also reboot your device. This solution can help you connect mobile data on your device.

•If you don’t like switching your phone OFF and ON then Enable Airplane mode, it will disconnect all the connection. Now disable Airplane mode and check if problem is solved.

• Disable cellular data option on your device from setting option and then TURN them ON and check if this fixes your issue.

• If all solution fails, then perform a factory reset on your phone.

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